Testimony: Aligning the past, present and future.

For countless youth the dance company has been a place of refuge and growth. Here we have the tesimony of Jacqlynne Tumusiime from Uganda, who now is one of our youngest Country Representatives in ICDF. She speaks about her growth as a dancer in her youth, a Christian and more recently as a leader.

One cannot harvest what hasn’t been tilled. We don’t have many seasons in Uganda except for hot and rainy seasons. These seasons in the recent past all co-exist. We go from a heavy down pour in the morning to a very hot afternoon and vice versa. But the season of autumn for me resounds harvest. This is a season for dance in Uganda to harvest what has been tilled and cultivated in ministry through the year.

Photo by Kibazzi

I come from a nation that thinks everyone can dance. The thought of dance in a learning setting get many laughing and wondering how that is possible. We can’t blame them. No! I honour the anointing of those that have gone before us in dance. Those that bore the scorn and held the banners high. I honour the men and women of God that gave us opportunities to experience dance beyond the traditions and forms of expressions we knew. The churches, projects and festivals that opened their doors for our learning and allowed us as youth to take to the pulpit and minister. Those that believed in us and even those that didn’t. They all gave us a drive to keep going.

Something new is happening in dance here in Uganda. As a language, now more than ever dance in Uganda is uniting churches, families and giving many a sense of belonging. First dance in churches just drew youth to Christ. I am one of the youth that stumbled into a church building and never left. My purposes and divine calling started in dance.

I can witness to many destinies aligned through dance from the testimonies I have heard over the years. One such phenomena is with Clay Dance Company, a dance group that mentored me for the most part of my dance life. Many over the last 10 years have testified that when they joined in dance, they felt loved, belonged to a family, and discovered their potential through dance. They felt like they belonged to a family of Christian believers that accepted them. Such is the story of Clay Dance Co.

We all come from all walks of life and Clay Dance Co. became a home and nurtured us in all varied abilities, callings and purposes. I have said this before and will say it again, my background in dance made multimedia and live production a breeze of a success. The dancer on stage and the excellent behind the scenes person I later became showed forth much fruit to the glory of God.

Clay Dance at Christmas Cantata, Watoto Church.

It is this same fruit that got me yearning to see more in dance and out of media as I pursued an unknown path, pushing my limits into dance education and now creative arts education. I am amazed every day and I could go on and on.

But let’s get back to the point here, dance in churches in Uganda is part of the huge revival. First with uniting churches and then getting into another level of ministration. We have come from a place of ministration where many are touched and are entering a place where lives are changed; lives of those that came for healing, restoration and redemption are changed forever. This for me is a prophetic word we already have spoken. By the leading of Holy Spirit as we yield to the truths of the Word, it has to and should manifest its designed power for the completion and fulfilment of our purposes in worship unto Christ Jesus.

Clay Dance at Workshop. Photo by Kibazzi

When we take to the pulpits this year, as our destinies are aligned the congregation will be aligned too, broken bones will be restored and hearts will be mended. As a minister in dance specifically in administration, I have the honour to build on the foundations we have in dance worship, dance education and later creative arts education in my country. ICDF gives me such joy to serve in this capacity. For this year our focus will be Unity of the Church. ICDF Uganda will host inter-church workshops where dancers will be sharing and learning from one another, in the Word, dance worship and prayer for the glory of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Jacqlynne Tumusiime

This article originally appears in the April 2018 Issue of the ICDF news letter. ICDF is the International Christian Dance Fellowship, a network of dancers all over the world, who freely give of their time, gifts and financial contributions to further dance in the areas of christian worship. More on ICDF is found at www.icdf.com


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