You Are Worthy

By Karen Diamond

Hola Amigos!

Easter is here!

It is at such a time as this when we also take the moment as a dance ministry to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus through energetic movement! I must add that this is a great opportunity and always an honour to be part of something bigger and it goes without saying, that we take this time to remind each other of God’s ultimate gift to us; His son, to encourage us to reflect the season with even more giving than we already have through the year.

The week of Easter is Passion/Revival week at Watoto Church, importantly to have the opportunity to share in fellowship as a church in remembrance of the sacrifice that was made for us in exchange for our lives. A time in which we pray that we can stay or come back to the first love we had. A time for revival in a series of fellowships, a praise rally, a good Friday service and finally an Easter Sunday service; and before we go any further, if you don’t have a home church, you are warmly invited to share in this communion with us and the rest of the church!

During warm up. Photo by Duncan.

Now back to where Clay Dance Co is at, we’ve been rehearsing for about 3 weeks, and this year we will be dancing to “You are worthy” by Prestonwood choir; a song that deeply illustrates the might of God, with words that have inspired our dancing as well, especially verse one that says;

“Holy, righteous, rock of ages

Most high, yes only you are worthy

Faithful teacher, promise keeper

Savior, yes only you are worthy

Shepherd, father, my strong tower

Comfort, yes only you are worthy

You are worthy to be praised

You are worthy to be praised.”

To get this song started, we were off to a high paced start in search for the core of who God is in our lives; we were grouped, and teams brought their A-game with ideas never imagined before. 7 showcases later and 45 seconds of music covered, we could not exhaust God’s worth even with all the sweat and fatigue.

We are performing at the praise rally on Thursday evening (come through!), and so with just tomorrow being Dday, everybody is breaking a worthy sweat! This project’s leaders are Hillary Murashi (Hizzy), Asunta Santa, and Emmanuel Okidi with support from Kenneth Jeremy and Solomon Makumbi (Trem). I am just including their aka’s so that we can all be a big happy family on nickname basis next time another story is up. Lol.

Anyhow, I reached out to 2 of the choreographers, so that they could share with us their inspiration in creating movement for this song and what this experience generally means for them. (We normally have different choreographers at a time, taking lead for different projects). Here’s what they had to say;


When I listen to the song, for me it describes who God is and His worth, how we talk about Him being the Rock of ages, being our savior; it majorly tells of how big God is, who God is, and the fact that we ought to give Him praise. It talks about the goodness of the Lord and gives a description of who this God is and why He deserves our praise.

For my choreography, I fused Hip-Hop and contemporary; there’s a little bit of ballet in it.

My experience in trying to choreograph has been challenging because of the kind of song it is; unlike Hip-Hop that is easy to find movement, this song is quite the challenge. I had to search deep within myself to find any movements I have hidden within. I have generally tried to work out the Hip-Hop I know and a bit of the contemporary I know, to put up something.

It worked out in the end!


“Oh well, in the beginning, I hadn’t given it my whole as my heart wasn’t fully into the Easter mood, but when I was summoned to help with choreography, I got a chance to listen to “You are worthy”, which spoke to my life and to me this song is a song of giving praise; I mean, I know where God has gotten me from, and I have zillions of testimonies to give for that. When they say he is worthy to be praised in the song, that was just enough for me. It did give me reason to just sit back and not ask from him, but just to be thankful for the good he’s been; and it’s amazing how good he has been. So yeah, it’s His face now, not just the works of His hands. I am personally working with a fusion of contemporary and hip-hop dance genres; but it does carry a lot of genres in other parts of the song done by other choreographers, but I chose that because it is what I can give praise to him best. It’s my best way of expression.

My experience trying to create… Hahaha I can’t call it experience because that makes it sound like it’s been sometime. I did most of it in just a day, but yes as I did, it was quite interesting how I had to get out of my emotional zone and just be happy about his works even with my dancing because am so much of an emotional dancer. I haven’t had any challenges yet. It’s been really amazing.”

Now, if you haven’t met Jesus yet, this could be your opportunity to embrace Him, experience generosity and forgiveness, and start this new journey because “Therefore, there’s now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit who gives life has set you free from the law of sin and death…” Romans 8:1-2.


All photos by Duncan.
We can’t wait to see you tomorrow 6:30pm at the praise rally,

And bring a friend along to this Jesus party!

(laba 2-line poem)



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