Dance to the Rythm; Words by Michelle Majugo and Janice Aine

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In the air there is a rhythm
Heard in the pattern of our breathing
It’s the kind of thing that tugs at the soul
A beat that soaks into the bones
Silent yet constant
Silent and unchanging
A need to give in, and just let go…”
I slip into it as a foot slips into a sock

In our veins there is a beat
The pounding of our hearts within
Sometimes we feel it
Sometimes we need to hear it
I wear it as a second skin as it sips into my soul
I hold on to it I doubt I will ever let go

With that need we rise
In an empty room full of life
And soaking in its fire
Our souls come alive
It’s not something we can buy with money
It’s not something we can gain overnight
It’s not something we can hide in a book so later one can read about it and learn how to harness its power

There’s music in our ears
That has been altered by the years
Binding our spirits and our bodies
And draining all our fears
Then our muscles bend to the music of our souls
No expectation or trepidation, just our souls letting go
Dancing to our music, dancing to our hidden song
The world gets lost to this universe where we belong

It fills a mental space, a bell dings, it’s the hour
Thoughts fading into nothingness
Letting go of consciousness
Then this music quiets down
Our beings return to the ground
Where time had frozen
In the room our freedom had been found
Grooving, moving, yes, this tune is moving
Words never heard before, depicted in motion
Bringing to life strong, hidden emotion

Floating with our light hearts, savouring the heavy pounding
Returning from a high that would be worth repeating
Recharged and ready to face the other side to living
And I can still hear the rhythm
I still feel my heart beating


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