Wounds Of Salvation

By Davishio, our resident poet

A one, a two, a three, a jump!
Oh no! That stump goes on third!
Together, the room reverberates with a thud!
Two steps out of sequence?
It never sounded so bad.
But it goes on seamlessly.
The eel frolicking in mud.
As breaths go shallow
Attention never narrows
We breathe together
And die as brothers!!

Consciously or not so,
I reach out with my arms
Not discernible as physical
But more like mental.
I touch light skin to my right.
That’s Sarah alright.
No breath to my left,
No human therein cleft.
We kick to the back,
And I as soon recoil back.
That was Victor, he can pain-suck!!

My bones all cracked
My temper so flared
Wretched hamstring I sport
My muscles burn so hot.
Those push ups were one too a lot.
Left me panting like a racing goat!
Dance is a torturous sport!!
At this moment I can’t lie,
I just want to lay and die!!

Its 9:30pm
Declares the chronometer!
But by all intents, its midnight.
By just a millimetre!!
But what sinister devils
In that guy’s body marvel?
The short dark one,
The ball of fire!!
While I truly would rather retire,
He never does expire!!

And yes that colossal wall!
Duncan, so huge and tall,
Yet his jump over average,
Like a Siberian in its teenage!!
Oh! Is that not Emma the winner?
Twisting like magic,
Inconceivable he is no sinner!!
When the dance flares on,
I now focus on Mon.
Dude has broken a limb,
Or two!!
You can see the bandages
That adorn his appendages!!

My encephalon now registers
The wounds of a minister.
Focus on our Master.
Endured all batter
His road rough, not butter
Ignored all chatter,
The wounds He chartered,
Bore salvation with a luster!!
Which is why He gave the latter
Covered in a blood letter!!

So much as we’re gored, we’re never bored
With taking on the banter
Resilient as bankers
Never cozy in our bunkers.
Through pain and rain,
And shame, we gain!!
When the stage is set,
We stay like Shane!!
Though with cracked limbs,
And tissues so numb,
We shall go numb
As we bring more to our number!!!


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