By Duncan

It’s been an interesting 12 weeks towards the end of 2015. 9 weeks of planning the best production the world has ever seen, only second to the birth of Jesus Christ. Third if you add the crucifixion. So I am one tired dancer. Telling you how tired I am is no way to introduce you to our blog. But when the music stoops and start enjoying the 6 week break, you realise how tired you are. The production herein is the annual Watoto Church Christmas Cantata that has faithfully run for the last 33 years, and it gets better each year. I would like to meet the dancers from 33 years ago, but that’s a story for another day. For this production 67 dancers got together and choreographed the best of dances ever. So after 9 weeks of preparation; 7 days of shows and 17 shows later, my feet were sore, my joints hurt, my muscles ached, but my heart danced and danced. For all these dances were performed to celebrate Jesus’ birthday. Majority of the gang was from Clay Dance Co.; the gang whose blog you are reading now. I just felt I needed to use the word gang owing to the fact I don’t use it in my every day speech. I will write about Clay Dance Co or claydanceco as you will find it on a lot of our web presence, another time

I also got an allergic reaction to the stage smoke, and a chest infection left me coughing nonstop. Would I do it all-over again? YES! You can’t pay me enough to stay away. The one thing that scares me is that my body may get too relaxed, and kick-starting it to remember what it meant to get warm and stretch may prove to be an uphill task. First few sessions of 2016 may be such a struggle. Six weeks is a long time, all that holiday food, condensed muscles, and hopefully the same waistline leave you yearning for the dance season when you were in top shape and didn’t worry about any of this.

So while we enjoy our hiatus, there’s no break for some of us, we sit and plan for the next nine months, spend time in prayer and fasting, and stay off our feet , hoping to return to the dance floor without exclaiming that “I AM ONE TIRED DANCER!”


3 thoughts on “ONE TIRED DANCER

  1. In the end its worth it. We do this for Christ. Make his name famous. That’s what drives us. We never stop running!!!

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